Issue Number 45

September 1999


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Outdoor Table from offcuts

Adding a Touch of Gold

Modern Bedheads and Side Tables

Simple Hall Table


Table of Contents


Inner City Cottage Renovation - 3
by Don Bunting
Excavation and construction of the basement garage, and remodelling of the front of the house.

User Report
Panasonic EY6225CQ Cordless Drill/Driver

by Paul Davidson
A power screwdriver with a difference.

Recycle a Renewable Resource
by Glenn Roberts
Make an outdoor table for two from hardwood off-cuts.

User Report
Kennards Hire 14hp 3" Chipper

by Daniel Sutton
The ideal machine for a yard clean-up.

Gold in the Garden
Usually associated with grand temples and palaces, gold can bring excitement to your garden at suprisingly little cost.

Modern Bedhead & Side Tables
by Trevor Larkey
A weekend project to complement any bed ensemble and provide much needed storage.

Repairs to a Cast Iron Fireplace
by Pat Crowe
Professional repairs and some foundry work made this old fireplace just like new!

A Simple Hall Table
by Craig Tilley
An elegant design suited to modern living.



High Performance Pavement with Pavers
Careful selection and installation is the secret to beautiful paving.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 10
How smart home systems use electricity to control electricity.

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse Bunnings
Warehouse Goes Regional!

Decorating for Christmas? Plan Now!
This year exterior Christmas lighting and cut-out figures will be more popular than ever!

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
Choosing a painter for best results.

Better Windows Now Mandatory
For the first time the Building Code of Australia specifies minimum performance standards for windows.

MitrePlan (Mitre10)
Plan and plant the perfect garden.

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Affordable & Effective Air Cooling a guide to air conditioning selection and installation.

Water that Burns like Fire
Safer hot water temperatures assist in avoiding serious scalds in the home.

Book Reviews
The Woodworker's Handbook
by Roger Horwood
Common Household Pests: a homeowner's guide to detection and control
by Phillip Hadlington and Christine Marsden