Issue Number 42

March 1999


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Mobile Storage Containers

Ornate Plant Stand

Restoring a Pair of Vintage Chairs

Making a Pine Dresser

Nifty Easy Drain Opener


Table of Contents


Mobile Storage Containers
by Trevor Larkey
A place for odds and Ends

A plant stand extraordinaire
by D Haskett
Make an ornate plant Stand

Power Tool Storage Boxes
by Craig Tilley
Home made boxes keep tools clean and tidey

Restoring a pair of Vintage Chairs
by Les Miller

Pine Dresser
by Craig Tilley

Home Improvement Basics: Concreting - 2

Easy Drain Opener
by Pat Crowe
Easy tool to retrive lost items in drain

Ups and Downs of Installing a Rainwater Tank
by Doug Gardner

Forget Grass - Go Gravel!
Using Gravel For landscaping



How does your home rate
Compulsory Home energy ratings are coming

Learning about electricity without getting bored - 7
Behavior of electrical current

Save Energy Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Living safely with electricity

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Garden Pond

MitrePlan (Mitre 10)
Build a brick Barbecue

Safety When Working at Heights
by James Lynne

1998 BDAA Awards

Painting Q&A
by Noel Cole
Exterior Paint Work

Revival Of Pioneer
The Advantages of Steel Clad Roofing

Book Reviews
Building & Renovating on Time & on Budget
by Peter Mason
Build Your Own Toys
by R.J. DeCristoforo
Timber in Context - a guide to sustainable use
by Anne-Marie Willis and Cameron Tonkin