Issue Number 4

December 1991


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Desk and Stool Set
for two children

Easy-to-make High Chair

Build a Pendulum Clock


Table of Contents

A Multitude of makeshift Clamps (Pt II)
by Stephen Finch

Found: A Walking Stick
by Allan Tsrinke

Is Your Home Friendly to Older People?
by Curtis Montgomery

Let Festo be Your Guide
Festo FS Guide System

Simply Double Trouble
by Tony Collison
Woodworking project - desk and stool set for two children

Easy-to-Make High Chair
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project

Dressing up an Old Fireplace
by R M Guthrie

Makin' Clocks

The Block Clock
Woodworking project

A Pendulum Clock
Woodworking project

The Longcase Wall Clock

They Built their House around their Home

Adding Timber to the Toilet
by Erle Bartlett
Woodworking project - wooden toilet seat

Technical Feature
by S Bauer
The Installation and Replacement of Windows

Tips & Traps in Buying a House (Pt III)
by S Bauer

Book Reviews
The Australian Carpenter and Joiner (Fifth Edition)
The Complete Metalsmith
by Tim McCreight

The Back Page
by Art Burrows, Publisher