Issue Number 39

September 1998


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Colonial Style Coffee Table

Making Pine Bedside Cabinets

Berts Bending Brake

Freestanding Safe

Small Fold-up Table


Table of Contents


Colonial Style Coffee Table
by Trevor Larkey

Effective and Affordable Dust Extraction
by Trevor Larkey

Making Pine Bedside Cabinets
by Craig Tilley

Home Improvement Basics - Plasterboard - 3

Bert's bending brake
by Bert Toomey

Mitre Plan (Mitre 10)
Building a Garden Setting

Freestanding Safe
by J Lauridsen
Metalworking Project

Small Fold-up Table
by D Haskett



Cordless Tools
Latest Technology

Save Energy Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
How to save energy and water withour running out of hot water

Learning about electricity without getting bored - 4
Why power circuits overload

What's new in Swimming Pools

Need Space?
Choosing a shed

Dressing Up Your Home with decorative plaster

Home Improvement Basics: Painting - 3
by James Lynne

Understanding Plans and Specifications
by Don Bunting

The Right Advice
by Glenn Roberts

Book Reviews
Woodshop Dust Control
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
Additions & Alteration to Your Home
by George White