Issue Number 38

July 1998


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Firewood Barrow

Design & Construct a Bandsaw

Corner Display Unit


Table of Contents


Aviary Special Gazebo
by Craig Tilley
This simple structure can serve as an aviary or a gazebo.

A Better Barrow
by Lindsay G Collins
If you own a solid fuel heater, you'll really appreciate this firewood barrow!

How to Make a Small Workshop Bigger
by Glenn Roberts
Fold-down shelves can provide the extra space you need.

Correct Cable Connections
by Rudolf Scheerle
Make strong and safe joins with the correct use of cable clips.

Home Improvement Basics: Plasterboard - 2
Taping and setting the joints.

Home Improvement Basics: Painting - 2
by James Lynne
Tips and tricks on surface preparation.

Design & Construction of a Scroll Saw
Part 2 of 2
by J Lauridsen
An advanced metalworking project that offers insight into how a scroll saw works.

A Corner Display Stand
by Trevor Larkey
This easy-to-make stand is ideal for that awkward or empty corner of the room.



Nail Driving Tools
How to choose them and how to use them.

Save Energy, Save Money
by John Ross, Integral Energy
Affordable winter warmth

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 4
The importance of avoiding galvanic corrosion.

MitrePlan (Mitre10)
Make a Table Tennis Table.

Framing for Timber Floors
New systems are replacing the old bearers and joists.

Timber Floors are Back!
Beautiful timber floors are the latest home decorating feature.

Understanding Plans & Specifications - 1
by Don Bunting
Plans and specifications form the basis of most building work, but how well do you understand them?

User Report
Panasonic EY3502EQMKW Cordless Metal Cutter

by K Dunstan

Building Q & A

Book Reviews
Router Basics
by Patrick Spielman
The Router Table Book
by Ernie Conover
The Incredible Router
by Jeremy Broun