Issue Number 36

March 1998


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Modular Display & Storage Cabinets

A Deck for all Seasons

Bend up a Hanging Plant Basket

The Wooden Wheelbarrow


Table of Contents

Larkey's Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Enjoy the convenience of a roof access door.

Remove Odours, Stale Air and Damp for Good
A guide to successfully improving ventilation.

Modular Display & Storage Cabinets
by Craig Tilley
Build a wall unit as large or small as you like, using customised modular units.

A Deck for All Seasons
by Trevor Larkey
A large deck makes a great entertainment area for family and guests.

Woodworking Basics - Project 5
by Les Miller
Frame for a Cupboard Door

Metalworking Basics - Project 5
by Les Miller
A Hanging Plant Basket

Stainless Steel Rope for Home Use
Once found only in marine applications, stainless steel rope now has a number of handy household uses.

Building a Shed 3
Making the wall frames.

A Wooden Wheelbarrow
That Works!

by Lindsay G Collins
A genuine wooden barrow for use or decoration.

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
An in-depth look at the cause, elimination and prevention of peeling paintwork.



User Report
Panasonic EY3503 12V Cordless Saw

by K Dunstan

User Report
Fein Triangular Sander

by K Dunstan

User Report
Metabo LF417S Paint Remover

by S Bauer

Mechanical Buffalo
A Chinese example of home-grown ingenuity.

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored 2
Fuses and circuit breakers

Home Improvement Basics: Woodworking - 6
by Les Miller
Halving joints for joining wood.

Home Improvement Basics: Metalworking - 6
by Les Miller
Hot bending of steel.

Cooking Appliances They Look Great But Do They Work?
Choosing for function as well as appearance.

Painting Older Houses
by David Haymes, Haymes
Paint Old Colonial homes, 1788-1850

Book Reviews
Router Projects for the Woodworker
Fun To Make Wooden Toys and Games
by Jeff and Jennie Loader
The Fibro Frontier
by Charles Pickett