Issue Number 35

Janauary 1998


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A Limewood Dining Suite

Make Your Own
Framed Timber Doors

Bending a Metal Scroll Hanger

Making a Desk with Drawers

Dolls Cot


Table of Contents

A Limewood Dining Suite
by Trevor Larkey
Transform an old dining setting with the latest fashion in finishes.

A Framed Timber Door
by Les Miller
Woodworking Basics - Project 4

A Metal Scroll Hanger
by Les Miller
Metalworking Basics - Project 4

Something to Write On
by Craig Tilley
Making a desk and drawers.

Garden Steps from Recycled Pine
A set of stairs from an afternoon's work and an old sand pit.

Building a Shed - 2
Laying the concrete slab.

The 2 Hour Dolls' Cot
by David Haskett
An attractive toy in no time at all!

A Quick Hide Away
by Trevor Larkey
Build a lattice screen to hide those ugly bits and pieces.

Estimate Materials with a Computer
by Michael Green
Use a simple spreadsheet program to order materials and minimise waste.



User Report
Bakker Hinge Setting Jig

by Les Miller

User Report
Triton Multi-Stand

by Mick Britt

Go Green or Else!
If your new home isn't energy efficient, it may not receive building approval!

Learning About Electricity Without Getting Bored - 1
The homeowner's guide to understanding electricity and avoiding the hazards.

More Comfort for Less, with Energy Rated Windows
Great windows, fantastic performance!

Painting Older Houses
by David Haymes, Haymes Paint
Spanish Mission/Mediterranean Villa circa 1930's

Tips for Household Repairs
by Don Bunting
Fixing rain leaks.

1997 BDAA National Awards
This year's winners of the residential categories.

Home Improvement Basics: Woodworking - 5
by Les Miller
Framing and cabinet doors.

Home Improvement Basics: Metalworking - 5
by Les Miller
Working in Mild Steel.

Australian Made Gift Suggestions

Book Reviews
The Complete Metalsmith
by Tim McCreight
Building Storage Stuff
by Richard Freudenberger
Finish Carpentry
by William P Spence