Issue Number 34

November 1997


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Build a complete Home Office

Space Saving Spice Rack

Ane easy-to-make Cheese Board

A Metal Letterbox

An Inexpensive Dining Table

Quick & Simple Storage Box


Table of Contents

User Report
Pattex Hot Melt Glue Gun

by P Duggan

Wheelbarrow Tricks
by Lindsay G Collins
A few ideas on a better ‘barrow.

The Complete Home Office
by Trevor Larkey
Working from home in comfort!

User Report
ABC Nylon & Polyester Paint Brushes

by S Bauer

Larkey's Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Stopping tools from rusting.

Space Saving Spice Rack
by Michel Theriault
Store your spices in this fold away rack.

A Cheese Board
by Les Miller
Woodworking Basics - Project 3

A Metal Letterbox
by Les Miller
Metalworking Basics - Project 3

Dining on a Budget
by Craig Tilley
An inexpensive table that fits anywhere.

Building a Shed --1
Where to start.

A Quick & Simple Storage Box
by Kevin J Cass
This attractive box is a great weekend project.



The Piston Packs a Punch
Hammer Drills

Tips for Household Repairs
by Don Bunting
Stopping rain leaks

Painting Older Houses
by David Haymes, Haymes Paint
Victorian Homes

Don't Let Bushfies Destroy Your Home

Why Bake When You Caould Be Basking

Home Improvement Basics: Woodworking - 4
by Les Miller
Frame and panel work

Home Improvement Basics: Metalworking - 4
by Les Miller
Seams & solder

Problem sites can save you money - 5

Furniture to go!

Make It Sing!
Tunning your plane

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Adding colour to your garden

Book Reviews
How To Design and Build Childrens Play Equipment
by Ortho Books
Basic Remodelling Techniques
by Ortho Books
Basic Carpentry Techniques
by Ortho Books
Painting and Wallpapering
by Ortho Books