Issue Number 33

September 1997


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Make Your Own Brass Fittings

A Boat Wharf For Your Home

Building a Grandfather Clock
using a Kit

An Easily Dismantled Bed

A Steel Tool Tray

Making a Corner Bookcase


Table of Contents

Replacement Brass Fittings
by John Lauridsen
How to make your own!

Accessories for Your Block
by Keith Hudson
Simple add-ons for the chopping block from Issue 31.

A Boat Wharf for the Home
by Trevor Larkey
Build a sturdy wharf at an affordable price.

Make Your Own Verandah Posts
by Lindsay G Collins
Shaping posts without using a lathe.

Make Your Own Family Heirloom
Grandfather Clock kits that are simple to build.

A Bed for People on the Move
by Craig Tilley
A queen size bed that dismantles for transport.

Upgrading Your Electric Drill
How to fit a keyless chuck.

Painting Older Houses
by David Haymes, Haymes Paint
Edwardian and Federation Homes

A Wall Mounted Tool Cabinet
by Les Miller
Woodworking Basics - Project 2

A Steel Tool Tray
by Les Miller
Metalworking Basics - Project 2

A Corner Bookcase
by Sherryn Savage
Make use of that odd room corner with a custom-made bookcase.



Variable Speed for a Better Job
by Graham Andrews
Making the most of your power drill.

Tips for Household Repairs
by Don Bunting
Effective ways to get rid of insects.

Is Water Hammer Giving You a Headache?
Simple solutions to a potentially serious problem.

Home Improvement Basics: Woodworking -3
by Les Miller
A look at chisels.

Home Improvement Basics: Metalworking -3
by Les Miller
Making joins with rivets.

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Repairing internal walls for painting.

Marking Your Territory
Choosing a fence you will enjoy for years.

Getting Started on Sharpening
by Les Miller
The basics of sharpening and honing tools for maximum performance.

Problem Sites can SAVE You Money - 4
Providing a power supply.

Structaflor LPFS -- For a Better Floor
CSR's new product offers a strong, sturdy and economical floor.

Book Reviews
Gazebos & Other Outdoor Structures
by Creative Homeowner Press
Quick Guide: Ponds and Fountains
by Creative Homeowner Press
Bricklaying - The Art
by Peter Cartwright