Issue Number 3

August 1991


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Cabinet for your Hi-Fi

Dolls Furniture


Table of Contents

Old-Fashioned Frame-and-Panel Door
by John Pritchard
Woodworking project

What to look for in a Hi-Fi System
by Wilfred Manning

Easy to make Cabinet for your Hi-Fi System
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project

A Multitude of Makeshift Clamps (Pt I)
by Stephen Finch

A New Entry
by Al Dixon
Replacing timber decking

Dolls Furniture
by Jenny Springett
Woodworking project

by Gordon Milling
Planning storage

How Security Systems Work
by Grant Michael

Tips & Traps in Buying a House (Pt II)
by S Bauer

Book Reviews
Making Kitchen Cabinet Accessories
by Sam Allen
Basic Stairbuilding
by Scott Schuttner