Issue Number 26

July 1996


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Island Cupboard for the Kitchen

A Handy Table

Three-legged leather stools

Making a Towel Drier


Table of Contents

Building with Steel Framing
Will your new home have timber or steel

Keeping warm in Winter
by John Kerr
Save money by improving your existing wood or gas heater

House Design for the Home Buyer and Owner Builder -- Part Two
by Don Bunting
How to have a house design that is beautiful and practical

An Island Cupboard for the Kitchen
by A.J. Eyers
A great solution for your bench and storage space problems

Working safely with electricity
Power Tools can kill, avoid the risk!

Painting Q&A
by Noel Cole
Painting over wallpapered surfaces

Standards and Conformance
by John Gelder, NATSPEC
Are there genuine quality guarantees

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Keeping the clutter from your gutter

Tall Tales but True
by Tubby

A better Masonry Anchor
Dynabolt Plus is big news

Larkey's Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Easy to make storage drawers

Working With Metals
by Les Miller
Seventh in a series on using metal in the home workshop

From a Single Sheet (6)
by David Haskett
Woodworking Project, an unusual design for a handy table

The Nailing Stick
by Lindsay G. Collins
An old trick for installing plasterboard, Villaboard and Masonite

Working with Leather in the Shop, Part 2
by J. Swinkels
Honing devices and three-legged stool

Renovations and Decorations on a Budget
by Sally Parrot
You don't know what you can do until you try!

Making Security Lights Talk to You
Improving your present fittings

A Simple Garden Enclosure
by Robert Legge
Pine lattice makes ideal veggie or flower surround

A Towel Drier
by David Haskett
Woodworking Project

Hold It!
by Bert Toomey
Different Methods for holding things together while the glue dries

Book Reviews
Practical Pole Homes
by Ray Crawley
Making Wooden Toys and Games
by Jeff and Jennie Loader
Biscuit Joiner Basics
by Hugh Foster