Issue Number 25

May 1996


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Love Heart Jewellery Box

Using Leather in the Workshop

Making a Tool Box

Wooden Toy Plane


Table of Contents

Building with Recycled Timber
by John French

What It's Really Like to Renovate for the First Time
by Sally Parrot

House Design for the Home Buyer and Owner Builder -- 1
by Don Bunting
How to turn your dreams into reality

Love Heart Jewellery Box
by M. Burgess
Woodworking Project

Working with Leather in the Workshop -- Part 1
by John Swinkels
Basics and making a tool holder

From a Single Sheet (5)
by David Haskett
Making a Tool Box

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Translucent Sheet Roofing, long lasting and easy to install

Inexpensive Antiques from Old Furniture
by Chris Bowen

Plaster Faster and Save
Installing plasterboard with gun applied adhesive, Enerbond DW

Defend your Home against Dampness
Stop Rising, Falling and Lateral Damp from ruining your home

Clock Parts, Kits, Plans and other supplies

Restoring Wall Clocks
by RJ Dolton

Storing Your Tapes
by Allan Eyers

The Milcon -- the Householder's Carry-all
by Sandy Mac

Larkey's Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Save money by making your own wardrobes

Sealing Wall Leaks
by Neil Dunstan
Innovative products and a little determination fixed this leak

A Wooden Toy Plane
by Jenny Springett

Unblocking a Sink
by Norm Ladson, Ladco Australia P/L
Turning a Household disaster into a quick repair with a few simple tools

Book Reviews
Purchasing Landscape trees
by Ross Clark
Super Simple Birdhouses You can Make
by Charles R. Self
The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing
by Bill Phillips