Issue Number 22

November 1995


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A Garden Hedge Ladder

Red Cedar Bookcase

A Large Lazy Susan

Making a Possum Box

A Pine Bedhead

Make a Shelf

And a Towel Rack

Welding Cover Frames for
Garden Beds

Modern Wooden Tank


Table of Contents

A Renovator's Dream
by John Kerr

What are Termites or White Ants
by John Kerr

Stopping Termites
Without Breaking the Law

Finishing Antiques
by Derek Scales

A Custom-built Garden Ladder
by M A Yeoman

How to Save Money on Your Phone Installation

Choosing a Surface Filler
by Don Bunting

The Do-It-Yourself Show - Sydney '95 review

Do It at Holmsglen
Learn trade skills at Melbourne's most comprehensive weekend college

Tips on using the Arbotech Grinder Sanding Pad
by Alastair Mitchell, Arbortech Pty Ltd

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse
Add style and life to room with ceramic wall tiles

Joining Metal by Mechanical Means
by Les Miller

A Red Cedar Bookcase
by Trevor Larkey

Larkey's Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Making A Possum Box

A Large Lazy Susan for the Family Table
by A J Eyers

From a Single Sheet (2) - A Video Tape Cabinet
by John Swinkels

A Pine Bedhead
by David Haskett

Suppliers of Toy Parts

by Trevor Parker

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole

Welding Cover Frames for Garden Beds
by Geoff Tarran
Steel frames make an economical frame for netting covers

A Modern Wooden Tank
by Robert Arthur
A wooden toy to an updated design

Book Reviews
Country Wood Projects
by Lavon B. Smith
Readers Digest Book of Skills and Tools
Woodworking for Beginner's
by RJ De Cristoforou

User Report
Metrinch Socket Set

by Michael Kriegler