Issue Number 2

April 1991


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Handy Step Stool

Cahir to match Issue's 1 Table

Make a Laminated Cutting Board


Table of Contents

Renovating in a Recession

Choosing Power Tools

Tips & Traps in Buying a House (Pt I)
by S Bauer

A Planter Stand for the Patio
by R M Guthrie
Woodworking project

Make this Step Stool for under $50
by Keith Hudson

Making the Chair
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project -- chair matches table from Issue 1

Winter Woodworking in Sydney
Preview of Timber and Working with Wood Show

Honing in on Honing
by Malcolm Pickes
Introduction to tool sharpening

Timber in the Garden

Making Laminated Cutting Boards
Woodworking project

How to become a good chiseler
Use of different chisels

Book Reviews
Building Out Termites
by Robert Verkerk
Making Wood Decks, Fences & Gates
by Charles Self