Issue Number 19

May 1995


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Home Entertainment Unit No.2

Building a Timber Truss Beam
Patio Roof

Making Simple Cabinet Doors

A Phone Table form Silky Oak

Convertible Car and Trailer



Table of Contents

Building A Home Entertainment Unit (2)
by AJ Eyers
A Corner Unit

Building a Timber Truss Beam Patio Roof (1)
by Peter Openshaw
A woodworking construction project.

Should We Renovate?

A Renovator's Tool
by Alastair Mitchell, Arbortech P/L

Making Holes in Wood
by Les Miller

Using Stone Around the House

Making Simple Cabinet Doors
by Trevor Parker
Woodworking Project

DIY with Bunnings Warehouse

Verandah Tips
by Trevor Larkey
Peventing rusting post supports and sagging balustrades

Setting up a home office

Keeping out the Wind
by Don Bunting

A Phone Table from Silky Oak
by A.J. Eyers

How Alarm Systems Work (2)

Restoring a Mantle Clock
by RJ Dolton
Woodworking Project

What's New! -- from Clock parts suppliers

A Wooden Convertible Car and Trailer
by Jenny Springett
Woodworking Project

Book Reviews
The Stanley Book of Woodworking
by Mark Finnery
Australian Leadlighting
by Paul Danaher & Dexter Jackson
All Thumbs Guide to Home Energy Savings
by Robert W Wood
52 Puzzles and Toys for the Weekend Woodworker
by John A Nelson
Woodworking for Idiots like Me
by Dr Bob Rich
How to build a Melting Furnace
How to build a High Voltage Power Plant and Welding Unit