Issue Number 17

January 1995


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Making an unusual elliptical mirror

Easy-to-make Display Frames

Wooden Bulldozer


Table of Contents

Hardware Product Guide

Mirror, Mirror, Hanging on the Wall
by Carlos Moraques and Johannes Swinkels
Making an unusual elliptical mirror

Using a Chalk Line
by Lindsay G Collins

Laying Concrete Paths Around the Home
by Geoff Tarran
A simple home improvement project to transform your yard or garden

Buy the Correct Door for your Needs

Columns for Beams
by Neil Dunstan
Using steel to create usable space

Installing a Rainwater Tank
In dry conditions or drought, a rainwater tank is a valuanle asset, but it is important to select and install your tank wisely

The Art of Soldering
by John Blockley

Australian Made Christmas Gifts

Hand Tools or Machines?
by Lindsay G Collins

Accessories for your Router
There are more accessories available for your Router than you might imagine!

Retaining Walls for Residential Use
There are several retaining wall materials to choose from, varying in price, durability and strength

Building a Raised Vegetable Patch
by M Burgess
Using retaining walls in the garden

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
Dealing with the yellow stain caused by a leaking roof

Shadow Boxes
by R Spencer
These easy-to-make display frames are ideal for collectibles and nic-nacs

Building Slang Competition

Protecting your House from High Winds
by Don Bunting
House design, fencing and landscaping can minimise the hazards of high winds

Wooden Bulldozer
by Jenny Springett
The last in the series of three toy construction vehicles

User Report
Vermont American Drill Tree

by Les Miller
A Titanium Step Drill Bit

All Thumbs Guide to Fixing Furniture
by Robert W Wood
Creative Do It Yourself Titles:
Tiling, Floors and Flooring
Storage and Shelving
Painting and Decorating
Garden Building Projects