Issue Number 16

November 1994


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Colonial Style Dining Table

Stowaway Bench

1924 Ford 'T' Truck Toy Project

An Improved Pencil Case


Table of Contents

Colonial Style Dining Table
by M Burgess

A Roof Over your head in 9 Hours
Arcadian barns

The Drill on Drilling Steel
by Les Miller
Choosing the right and using it correctly

Unsafe Stairs
by Don Bunting
Minimising hazards

Laying a Timber Deck
by Geoff Tarran

Always Read the Label
Avoid electrical problems by reading the labels

Amanda's Dolls House
by Phil Simpson
Modified plans to provide more detail

Totem Madness
by Patricia Kent
Playground sculpture from Koppers logs

Stowaway Workbench
by Dennis Wade

1924 Ford 'T'' 1 Ton Truck
by Bruce Searant
Wooden toy project

Welding Repairs that Work
by Graham Andrews
Making your welds permanent

Painting Q & A
by Noel Cole
Hard skin on surface of oil paint

The Individual Touch
by Lindsay G Collins
Personalising your home without breaking the bank

An Improved Pencil Case
by R Spencer

Brickwork Basics
Why brick walls are built the way they are

Wooden Tractor
by Jenny Springett

Bulk Buying to Save Money

by Keith Atkins
The Handyman's Book
by Paul Hasluck
The Australian HoME Handyman Manual