Issue Number 15

September 1994


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A Homemade Router Table

Jarrah Coffee Table

Wooden Steam Roller


Table of Contents

A Homemade Router Table
by Tony Zuiderwyk
Metalworking project

Choosing the right bricks for the job

Wheeling the Barbeque
by Bernie Webb

Jarrah Coffee Table
by David Haskett

Problem Loos
Alternatives to sewer or septic system

Solar Design for your House -- Part 4
by Don Bunting
Examples of homes in Sydney and Canberra

More Whippet

Sealing Shower Recesses

Baths, Big and Small
Range of baths

Building a Childs Sailboard
by Jim Derck

Trussed Attics

Repairing Hollow Core Doors
by Geoff Tarran

Are Your Home Renovations Poisoning You?

Protecting Your House -- Part 3
by Noel Cole
Painting windows and doors, and timber walls

Wooden Steam Roller
by Jenny Springett

User Report
RALI Bench planes

by Colin Appleton

John Little's Building Organiser
by John Little
Fences, Decks and Other Backyard Projects
by Dan Ramsay
Master Works
by Jennifer Bennell