Issue Number 14

July 1994


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Upgrading Garden Tools

Building Bunk Beds

Make Your Own Front Door

1929/1930 Whippet Toy Project


Table of Contents

Building a Sunroom
by Geoff Tarran
Converting part of a verandah can provide a low-cost sunroom

Upgrading Garden Tools
by Trevor Parker

Doing a Bunk
by David Haskett
Building bunk beds

Using Steel under the Floor
by Neil Dunstan

Protecting your House -- Part 2
by Noel Cole
Painting the walls

Create an Attic to gain Space and save Money

Carving Gum Leaves
by Joselle Bulford

A Feeling of Permanence
by Maurice Passmore
Making your own front door

Solar Design for your House -- Part 3
by Don Bunting
Passive system design

Specialised Members in Framed Structures
Trimmers, balconies, hanging beams

1929/30 Whippet - Model 96A
by Bruce Searant
Wooden toy project

Organising Tradespeople

User Report
Record universal woodworking stand and attachments

by Trevor Pullman

User Report
Panasonic EY6100CQK 12V Cordless drill

by Steven Burrows

Step by Step Home Building
by John Little (video)
Garages and Carports Converting, Expanding, Building
by James E Russell
Wheel-it Ride-it, Wooden Toys
by David Jenkinson
Building Outdoor furniture
by Percy W Blandford
Building Birdhouses & Feeders
Finish Carpentry Techniques