Issue Number 11

September 1993


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Hang Your Hat and Coat

Wall Cabinet Base

Making a Interlocking Bookcase

Hallway Planter Box

Fiddleback Dining Table

Making a Baby's Cot

Bulldozer Toy Project

Make a Panel Dolly


Table of Contents

Colonial Hat and Coat Rack

Additional Storage - Part I, the Base Cabinet
by Simon Bannatyne (Part II in Issue 13)

Tiles for the Home
Guide to the use of ceramic tiles and suitable adhesives

Building Bathroom Walls
A look at wet area wall linings

Interlocking Bookcase
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project

Do-It-Yourself Fencing
by Geoff Tarran
Panel fencing -- metalworking project

Add a Spa Tips and traps in having a spa installed

Hallway Planter Box
by Rodger Brandies
Woodworking project

Timber Flooring
Solid timber, plywood and particleboard

Fiddleback Table
by Pryce D Trevor
Dining table -- Woodworking project

Dowelling Jigs
A survey

Improved Baby's Cot
by A J Eyers
Woodworking project

The Scrollsaw Guide to the Scrollsaw

Wooden Bulldozer
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking project

Protecting Your House
by Noel Cole
Guide to roof maintenance

Panel Movement
by Bert Ferrie
Panel dolly -- workshop project

Solar Design For Your House - Pt 1
by Don Bunting
Site selection and treatment

Heirloom Clocks

What's New
The Latest from the Clock Part Suppliers

User Report
Plastapal All Purpose Adhesive

User Report
3M Hand Ease Sander

Book Reviews
The Beginner Renovator
by Edward Mundie
Making Wooden Clock Cases
by Tim & Peter Ashby
What Timber Will I Use?
by John M Stacpoole
101 Quick & Easy Woodworking Projects
by Charles R Self
Designing & Remodeling Bathrooms
How to Design & Build Decks & Patios
Wood Projects for the Garden
Building Children's Wooden Toys

The Back Page
by Hermann Bauer, Tersia Australia