Issue Number 10

June 1993


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Gone to the Dogs

An Outdoor Table Welding Project

Keep Your Tools Handy

European Style Hutch

Making a Knock-down
Coffee Table


Table of Contents

House Construction (for the Dog!)
A kennel -- woodworking project

Build an Outdoor table
by Graham Andrews
Welding project

Two Workbench Aids for under $2
by Mike Rosier
Bench dogs and holddowns

A Simple Toolcaddy
by R Spencer
Woodworking project

by Don Bunting
The use of lattice

How to Keep Your Roof On!
Devices for strengthening your house in a storm

Termite - Resistant Concrete Slab Construction
The use of termite barriers instead of pesticides

Pole Homes
What are they and what are their benefits?

Above the Counter
by Roger Brandies
European style hutch -- woodworking project

Heritage Style Fence Posts
by Lindsay G Collins
Woodworking project

Do You Need an Architect?
by Eve Laron
The benefits of using an architect who designs for your needs

The Versatile Router
Guide to the Router

Knock-down Coffee Table
by D Haskett
Woodworking project

Air Power
by Bruce Philp, David Trembath Agencies

Moving the Line
by Geoff Tarran
Shifting the clothes hoist -- construction project

Nothing I Do
by Austin Barrage

Book Reviews
Homeowner's Complete Outdoor Building Book
by John Burton Brimer
Making Picture Frames in Wood
by Manly Banister
Imaginative Brushwork
by Merope Mills
House Building, the Easy Hebel Way
by Allan Staines
The Australian Owner Builder's Manual
by Allan Staines
The Australian Renovator's Manual
by Allan Staines
How to be a Successful Owner Builder & Renovator
by Allan Staines

The Back Page
by Peter M Reynoldson, Cooper Tools Pty Ltd