Issue Number 1

December 1990


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Easy to Make Wine Rack

Dining Table

Building a Yurt


Table of Contents

Why Wood?
Advantages of timber

Buying Timber

Making Better Use of the Space in Your Home
by Wim Beyk

Easy to Make Wine Rack
by Peter Fivve
Woodworking project

Handling the Humble Hammer

A Dining Table for Less than $100
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project -- see Issue 2 for matching chair

Dressing a Door
by Carl Sriber
Door hardware

A Safer Home
Making a home safe for toddlers

A Verandah for Children
by S Bauer
Woodworking project

Lovely Lattice Timber Lattice

Specially for the Home Renovator
by Jodie Johnson
Trends in marketing of building products

How Easy is it to Build a Yurt?

The Beginner's Workbench
by Colin Appleton
Woodworking project

Book Reviews
How to Build Outdoor Structures
by Deborah Morgan & Nick Engler
The Homeowners' Guide to Carpentry and Cabinetry
by K E Armpriester and B A Bremer