The Fundamentals of Segmented Wood Turning
Projects, Techniques & Innovations for Today's Woodturner
by James Rodgers

215 x 280mm

Published by Linden Publishing USA


ISBN 978-1-61035-278-9

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 191

The success of segmented woodturning depends upon planning and on accurately cutting each segment so that it fits perfectly in place. This leads to some books on the subject being overly mathematical. This one isn't.

John Rodgers covers the most popular kinds of segmented forms - Ring Segmented Turning, Open Segmented Turning and Bowls from a Board.

The book begins with an overview of the craft: making a Drawing, preparing a Cutting List, cutting the Segments, preparing the Rings and building the Project. Chapter 2 offers four commonly used methods for cutting the Segments, then describes how they are made into Rings. Chapter 3 addresses the whole process of Building a Hollow Vessel.

The next two Chapters are devoted to using the central core of knowledge so far established to consider Design Enhancements and special Techniques for Making Feature Rings.

Chapter 6 explores the building of an Open Segment Vessel, while Chapter 7 examines the making of a Bowl from a Board. (The author gives a superb example of the result of this process which he describes as 'laminating wood, re-sawing, cutting out rings and assembling to create designs that appear both interesting and confusing to the non-trained viewer'.)

The last two Chapters provide pathways to Other Ideas (Segmented Pens and Transitional Vessels).

Although beginning with the basics of segmented turning, Rodgers covers virtually all of the up-to-date practices in large, clear photos and illustrations together with simple. straight-forward text.

About the Author - James Rodgers is the founder and Director of the Diablo Woodtuming Center, a division of the Mt. Diablo Unifed School District. He also co-directs a coaching program in wood technology for four area high schools. Jimís first book was A Lesson Plan for Woodtuming: Step-by-Step Instructions for Mastering Woodtuming Fundamentals.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



1. Getting Started - How It's Done

2. Cutting Segments Accurately

3. Building a Hollow Vessel

4. Simple Design Enhancements

5. Techniques for Making Feature Rings

6. Setting Up and Building an Open Segment Vessel

7. Bowl from a Board

8. Other Ideas - Segmented Pens

9. Other Ideas - Transitional Vessels