The Creative Woodturner
Inspiring Ideas and Projects for Developing Your Own Woodturning Style
by Terry Martin

220 x 280mm

Published by Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA, USA

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ISBN 978-1-61035-218-5

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Handled Bowl

Caterpillar Bowl

Hand and Eye


Not More Than... Not Less Than


Ball Box



As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 181

This is a book about creativity and the craft of woodturning. Few woodturners in the world are as qualified as Terry Martin to author such a book, since his work is now and has been for decades, at the forefront of woodturning innovation.

Readers searching for a book that covers merely the mechanics of woodturning should look elsewhere. Nevertheless, Martin's book does discuss woodturning technique - often in considerable depth - but always from the standpoint of how a particular technique impacts upon the originality of the work.

In the first few pages, the author paints a verbal mosaic of ideas for generating designs, lifting relevant quotations from a score of sources. The result is both a glimpse of the creative world into which Terry Martin's journey has delivered him and an exhortation to the reader to attempt a similar odyssey.

Most of the remainder of the book is devoted to discussions about a series of Terry Martin's pieces, all of them chosen so as to illustrate their highly creative designs and the innovative methods used to realise them.

Some are so far removed from the bowl and candlestick forms of traditional woodturning that they may not be immediately recognised as having been developed from them.

Their names suggest their originality: Caterpillar Bowl, Impossibowl, Geometribox, Gangabarn, Butterfly Vessel, Aspects of Treeness, Feng Shui Cyclops...

Each piece is described in sufficient detail for the reader to understand the process involved in its creation, yet this is not the essential substance of the text. Instead, it is always related back to the questions that were asked in the formulation of the design and the decisions that were made in its execution.

This is a book that recognises no boundaries in either the skill or experience of the reader; it requires only a willingness to embrace new ideas and set off upon new adventures.

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1 - Thinking About Turning
2 - ldea Tools
3 - Handled Bowl
4 - Caterpillar Bowl
5 - Hand and Eye
6 - lmpossibowl
7 - Not More Than... Not Less Than
8 - Geometribox
9 - Ball Box
10 - Lace Vessel
11 - Gangabarri
12 - Butterfly Vessel
13 - Pierced Cyclops
14 - Heart of the Tree
15 - Aspects of Treeness
16 - Feng Shui Cyclops
17 - The Eye of the Beholders
18 - Tree
19 - Gallery of My Work
20 - Cyclops Gallery

Lace Vessel

Butterfly Vessel

Pierced Cyclops

Heart of the Tree


Aspects of Treeness

Feng Shui Cyclops

The Eye of the Beholders