What a Relief DVD
Seasoning for a Textured Bowl

by Mark Sanger RPT

Published by KTMP, UK

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 158

Mark Sanger's second DVD, What a Relief, covers two very different topics - the turning of unseasoned wood and the texturing of a bowl. The connection is that Mark tends to use unseasoned wood for his bowls.

He discusses how to select the green blank and make allowance for the inevitable warping. He then roughs out a typical bowl. The bowls are left to season naturally in the workshop, but the viewer can, of course, experiment with various forms of forced seasoning such as microwave and solar.

Simon then switches to a previously seasoned bowl and carries on with the texturing section of the DVD. The outer profile of the rough bowl is refined to its final shape before the surface is textured with an Arbortech Woodcarver and scorched with a propane torch.

The inner surface of the bowl is then refined (turned) and sanded. The video quality is excellent and the style easy to understand, though Mark appears a bit nervous in his presentation.

Aimed at the beginner to intermediate turner, What a Relief provides a good introduction to working with unseasoned wood, the basics of turning a bowl and some texture experimentation with an Arbortech Woodcarver and a blowtorch.

Duration: 1hr 50mins, 1 disc

DVD - English