Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning
Everyting You Need to Know to Secure Wood on Your Lathe
by Doc Green

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA

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ISBN 978-1-56523-519-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

The key to successful and safe woodturning is simple: make sure the wood is properly secured to the lathe before you turn it on. Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning gathers all the essential information about chucks and fixtures in one place for the first time, making this critical step in woodturning accessible and easy to understand.

Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning is a valuable reference for dedicated turners and beginners alike and is designed to improve your overall skills and broaden the range of projects you can tackle at the lathe. By presenting a carefully crafted combination of how-to advice and interesting, engaging projects, this book explains how to get the most from commercial chucks, centers, and faceplates, while also teaching you how to make your own custom wood-holders so you can pursue any style of woodturning you can imagine.

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Drive Centers and Live Centers - Essentials for Spindle Turning
- What Holds a Spindle in Place?.
- How to Find the Center of a Spindle
- How to Seat a Drive Center
- Project: Turn an Oval Tool Handle
- Truing a Spindle Blank
- Truing a Blank for a Hollow Form
- Hollow Forms from Punky Wood
- Scroll Chucks and Spindles
- How to Remove a Completed Spindle from the Lathe
- Friction Drive for Spindle-Turning Practice
- Project: Turn a Finial or an Icicle for an Ornament
- Project: Turn an Egg

Faceplates and Screw Centers - Essentials for Bowl Turning and More
- Faceplates and Bowl Blanks
- Project: Make Your Own Faceplate
- Screw Chucks
- Making a Faceplate Extension
- Project: A Shopmade Screw Chuck

Scroll Chucks - Handy for Bowl Turning and Spindles
- Anatomy of a Scroll Chuck
- Choosing a Tenon Diameter
- Expanding the Jaws into a Recess
- Project: Make a Spin Top
- Two Ways to Prepare a Bowl Blank for Chucking
- Project: Turn a Goblet with a Lid
- Rechucking a Piece in the Same Position
- Using a Scroll Chuck as a Jam Chuck
- A Fast Way to True a Small Disk
- Project: Make a Reference Plate

Handy Shopmade Chucks - Glued-on 8locks, Small Screw Chucks, and Backing Plates
- Waste Blocks and Glue Blocks
- How to Make a Surface Flat
- A Screw Chuck for Beads and Buttons
- A Screw Chuck for Knobs
- How to Make a Backing Plate
- Attaching the Work to a Backing Plate
- Project: Turn a Plate or Platter

Jam Chucks - Workhorses You Can Make Yourself
- The Concept
- How to Center the Foot
- Jam-Chucking Against a Flat Surface
- Custom Inserts for Flat-Plate Jam Chucks
- Jam-Chucking Without the Tailstock
- Internal Jam Chucks
- How to Finish the Foot of a Hollow Form
- How to Make a Compression (Sandwich) Chuck
- Project: Jam Chuck Fixtures for the Live Center

Collets and Mandrels - Specialized Holders for Small Workpieces
- Collet Chucks
- Project: Make Your Own Collet Chuck
- Project: Make a PVC Collet
- Use a Jacobs Chuck as a Collet Chuck
- Mandrels
- Project: A Spherical Scoop
- A Mandrel Variation: The Pin Chuck
- A Drill Bit as Mandrel
- Bead Mandrel
- Project: Turn a Pen

Cole Jaws, Doughnut Chucks, Longworth Chucks - Big Holders to Grip Big Workpieces
- Cole Jaws
- Doughnut Chuck
- Project: Make a Doughnut Chuck
- Doughnut Chuck Setup
- Put a Distinctive Foot on a Long-Stem Goblet
- How to Use Cole Jaws With a Doughnut Chuck
- The Longworth Chuck
- Project: Make Your Own Longworth Chuck

Vacuums and Vacuum Systems - Air Pressure Makes a Strong Chuck
- Atmospheric Pressure and Vacuum
- Force Produced by a Vacuum Chuck
- The Best Source of a Vacuum
- Designing a Vacuum System
- Should You Add a Reservoir?
- How to Assemble the System
- The Anatomy of Shopmade Couplers
- How to Turn a Hose Barb for a Bearing
- Sealing the Coupler Bearing
- Couplers for the Powermatic
- Couplers for the Jet Mini

Vacuum Chucks - What to Buy, What to Make
- Materials for Vacuum Chucks
- How to Mount a Vacuum Chuck on a Faceplate
- Vacuum Chucks with a Threaded Hub
- How to Cut Threads with a Spindle Tap
- How to Make a Threaded Backing Plate
- A Gallery of Vacuum Chucks
- Centering the Workpiece on a Vacuum Chuck

Steady Rests - Accessories to Keep the Work in Line
- Vibration, Bending, and Flexing
- Steadies: From Large to Small
- Project: A Steady with a Circular Frame
- A Small Spindle Steady
- Project: A Steady with Vertical Posts
- An All-Wood Steady with Vertical Posts
- Project: A Bowl Steady
- Project: A String Steady
- Project: A Tailstock-Mounted String Steady
- Project: A Tailstock-Mounted Clothespin Steady

Turning Projects - Spindle and Faceplate Exercises
- Project: Make an Endgrain Box With Lid
- Project: Make a Suspended Bowl with Lid
- Project: Make a Globe-type Tree Ornament
- Project: Turn a Ball
- Project: Make a Holder for Candles or Confetti Lights
- Project: Turn a Natural-Edge Bowl

Assembled Pieces - Bowls and Vessels Made in Several Parts
- How to Attach a Foot to a Bowl
- How to Add a Decorative Rim to a Bowl
- 9 Ways to Make and Join Stackable Elements
- Stacked Hollow Forms
- Two Ways to Turn a Hollow Vessel